Who wants to kill the Russian gas pipeline project?


Few weeks ago construction of the Nord Stream II that will export natural gas from Russia to Germany has come under the public spotlight, because of a letter that three U.S. Congressmen sent to the mayor of a German town of Sassnitz. A Russian ship called Akademik Cherskiy is docked in that German port town. The vessel is to continue the laying of pipes that will transmit gas across the Baltic Sea. The Congressmen threated the mayor and all involved companies with sanctions if the construction of Nord Stream 2 is be continued.

From unofficial sources related to Nord Stream 2, I learned that over a dozen employees came from Malaysia to work on the Akademik Cherskiy, and they are now stuck in Germany waiting for the project to re-launch. Some of them are staying at a local hotel, while others are waiting at a designated hotel ship. I decided to investigate what the dispute over Nord Stream 2 looks like from the local perspective of a German port.

I went to Sassnitz, the center of the entire conflict, to find out who is pulling the strings. Do the environmental concerns still play a significant role and who in the region is against the project? Whose decision can transfer the disoriented Asian employees from the hotel to their work destination. After a few days I learned that nobody knew anything and that world politics was of no interest to anybody. Everybody has their opinion on the future of Nord Stream 2, but the Akademik Cherskiy is being prepared as if it was to set out to the Baltic tomorrow…

The original article was published here in Biznes Alert on 8 September 2020.