From bankruptcy to ecology. A tale of Detroit’s revival

Exploring development of ecology movements among abandoned and hopeless streets of American bankrupt city.

What does a just energy transition mean?

As the first of the country’s six coal regions to start planning its coal phase-out, Eastern Greater Poland is the undisputed leader in Poland’s just energy transition. Grass-roots projects lie at the heart of their new approach to energy.

An ice tea date with Prof. Holdren

Once upon a time in New York I interviewed a senior advisor to President Barack Obama about science and energy issues.

Nord Stream II investigation

I went to Sassnitz, the center of the entire conflict, to find out who is pulling the strings. Surprising conversations, interesting interviews and illegal stroll though the harbour.

Sleeping with goats in high Moroccan mountains

I visited the indigenous Berber community in Atlas Mountains to stay with them and learn about their connection with nature.

Feminine renewable energy

During my last visit in United States I talked with women advocating for female representation in energy sector. The green game will be fair, clean and feminine.

Swedish waste hopscotch

Exploring Swedish clean air, pristine waters and the most logical waste management system in the world.

Who wants to kill a wind turbine?

Despite the fact that the price of investment in wind power is dropping massively as its efficiency surges, turbines are still unwanted in Poland. What is the reason of wind power’s bad image?

Will COVID-19 pandemia improve Polish energy market?

The recent crisis boost green energy development in Poland. Will it be enough to meet the EU’s 2020 renewable energy targets? Behind the scenes.

Apocalypse from waste and spices

Meet Marcin, a fashion designer who creates post apocalyptic clothes by tossing together some garbage and colouring them by spices. Effect? Fully convincing.