How few unpopular decisions and persistent political leaders led to the creation of the most logical waste management system in the world?


I traveled to Sweden on request of Swedish Embassy in Warsaw. I was contracted to investigate and communicate an innovative waste management system in the country.

After that, I was contracted by the city of Helsingborg to create a video exclusively about their City.


My work included • script writing • shooting • editing.

More on the story:

We keep providing good communal services to our residents, we take a big pride in the quality of our actions. says Kristin Engholm, coordinator for the City of Helsingborg in the south of Sweden. Kristin keeps her eyes on the road while driving a small and handy electric car from a city fleet. The woman picks me up in the morning from the train station and shares a plan for my visit with a big enthusiasm – Firstly, I will take you to our landfill. Well, technically, it’s just a pile of old rubbish, because we do not store new ones anymore. But you’ll see what else we do with them, you’ll be delighted! We’ll go somewhere for lunch later. You probably don’t eat meat?

The original article was published here in MAGAZYN PISMO on 1 July 2020.